Definitions for "Plunger"
Keywords:  plumber, clogs, helper, drain, suction
hand tool consisting of a stick with a rubber suction cup at one end; used to clean clogged drains
a plumbing tool widely available in most general department and hardware stores
A rubber suction cup approx 6" in diameter attached to a wooden dowel handle used to free drain clogs
Keywords:  piston, rod, cartridge, forcer, ram
A long solid cylinder, used, instead of a piston or bucket, as a forcer in pumps.
n: 1. a basic component of the sucker rod pump that serves to draw well fluids into the pump. 2. the rod that serves as a piston in a reciprocating pump. 3. the device in a fuel-injection unit that regulates the amount of fuel pumped on each stroke.
One who bets heavily and recklessly on a race; a reckless speculator.
A gambler that recklessly chases their losses.
mechanical device that has a plunging or thrusting motion
A type of actuator that is activated with a push or thrust.
The sliding disc assembly that changes valve position in a push-pull valve. For example; up for backwash, down for filtration.
One who, or that which, plunges; a diver.
orbital transfer vehicle that uses aerobraking techniques to reduce te amount of reaction mass required to travel. Also known as Divers.
The inside moveable part of a hydraulic jack that attaches to an elevator car frame on direct drive application or drive sheave on a cabled hydraulic system.
Keywords:  breechloader, pin, firing
The firing pin of a breechloader.
In a mercury displacement relay; The device used to displace mercury. The plunger is lighter than mercury so it floats on the mercury. The plunger also contains a magnetic shell or sleeve, so it can be pulled down into the mercury with a magnetic field. The plunger does the same job in a mercury displacement relay as an armature in a mechanical relay.
Keywords:  beaten, creamy, boiler, clay, wheel
A boiler in which clay is beaten by a wheel to a creamy consistence.
Keywords:  pinball, play, pot, plastic, ball
The small plastic object used to cover cards when they are removed from play
On pinball, used to pot the ball into play.
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a big deal to kids
The component of a pinch valve that translates during a change of state and pinches the tubing.
someone who risks losses for the possibility of considerable gains
someone who dives (into water)
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