Definitions for "Plumber"
One who works in lead; esp., one who furnishes, fits, and repairs lead pipes.
Any worker who installs or repairs piping and related equipment for conveyance of water, gas, or drainage into or out of buildings, or within buildings to fixtures or equipment using water. The type of material used for the conduits varies with the application, and may be may be of lead, iron, copper, glass, palstic, or other material.
a craftsman who installs and repairs pipes and fixtures and appliances
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(slang) A grave insult to a pipefitter.
The plumber, in the Plan 9 from Bell Labs and Inferno operating systems, is a mechanism for interprocess communication, somewhat similar to copy and paste.
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a good bet here, too, but if you are skilled in taking apart toilets , remove the toilet from the floor and replace the gasket yourself, you can pick them up at Ace Hardware
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a guy who fixes your leaks
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a low income job
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a person, an entity, an object
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Someone who does it his own way.