Definitions for "Plum tomato"
Keywords:  tomato, oblong, ripe, eggshaped, sauce
a kind of cherry tomato that has an oblong shape
oblong cherry tomato
A bright red elongated Italian tomato with a good flavor. The principal variety used for canning. Cooking Tips: To peel them easily carve a cross on the bottom of the tomato and dip them for 3 minutes in hot water or boiling water and then immediately dip in cold water. To make a tomato sauce, the seeds must be removed because they usually have a bitter taste and they also cause indigestion. If they are bought unripe, then wrap them in paper and store in a cool and bright place for approximately 4 – 5 days or until ripe. They are best preserved if they are placed with the stem facing down. For a sauce 1 cup of canned tomatoes is equivalent to 1 1/2 cups fresh tomatoes, peeled and without seeds.