Definitions for "Plugin"
a program that extends the capabilities of another program. They are most commonly encountered on the Web to enable users to view multimedia and interactive files, for example RealPlayer, and QuickTime.
A smaller "add-on" computer program which works in conjunction with a larger application. Usually a plugin enhances the capabilities of the program it is "plugged" into. Web browsers like Netscape Navigator have many plugins which allow a user to do everything from viewing QuickTime VR animations to visiting VRML worlds to hearing real audio.
A program that adds a specific audio or video feature to a computer system
A program file (actually, a .DLL) that extends the functionality of watchDirectory. Plugins are used to "react" on file system events. An example would be a plugin that copies files. An overview of available plugins is here.
a binary object that is plugged into a document to represent a media-type that is not handled natively by the application
a configuration wrapper for a module-specific resource or service that needs to be notified about application startup and shutdown events
A server extension program, implemented on the Messaging Server as a shared library that uses the Messaging Server Plugin API.
an extension in the frontend
The new name for a mambot (to be used from Joomla 1.5 onwards)
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Addon KOS programs that have full access to the system and its resources. Plugins behave much like a Knowbot Programs - they can create services and communicate with other processes. There are two key difference between plugins an KPs. First, plugins do not run in the restricted execution environment. Second, plugins are stationary programs installed by the KOS administrator.
a separate program that is launched by Blitzin and communicates with Blitzin, but otherwise runs independently of it
a shared library which is loaded into UPSTREAM when needed and extends UPSTREAM's capabilities without the use of an external program
a group of files that allow expanding the possibilities offered by Adventure Maker
a single jar file that can be dropped into Confluence's classpath
a utility that will help you run the file you wish to download
a component that can be added to the Proxy to do content tailoring
an external component for Bazaar-NG that is typically
a platform independent micro component
a script which is responsible for parsing the HTML and extracting the citation details (author, title, journal,
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a stack you create, containing utilities or other handy code
a console mode command line executable
a file with executable code
a complete package that is lies on the provider's server
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a part of the user interface
a type similar to a select, but which has additional properties based on the selected value