Definitions for "Plucking"
Process which allows glaciers to erode bedrock surfaces via a three stage progression. In the first stage (a.), meltwater at the base of the glacier seeps into cracks in the bedrock. Once collected in these fractures the water freezes and expands, further fracturing the rocks and making bedrock debris available to the glacier (b). This debris is then removed either by freezing to the bottom of the glacier or by being dislodged by rocks projecting from the bottom of the ice (c).
A process of glacial erosion by which blocks of rock are loosened, detached, and borne away from bedrock by the freezing of water in fissures.
The process of glacial erosion by which large rock fragments are loosened by ice wedging, become frozen to the bottom surface of the glacier, and are torn out of the bedrock and transported by the glacier as it moves. The process involves the freezing of subglacial meltwater that seeps into fractures and bedding planes in the rock.
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The process of harvesting and collecting tea leaves.
the process of harvesting the tea by cutting the flush from the growing tea shrub.
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This technique is used to emphasise the soft underhair of the fur, plucking the longer "guard" hairs that protect the under fur.
Pulling out loose hair by hand.
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The removal of feathers from a bird destined for the table
Plucking describes the process of removing human hair, animal hair or a birds feathers by mechanically pulling the item from the owner's body.