Definitions for "Plato "
An Athenian, Plato was the student of Socrates and the teacher of Aristotle. Of the philosophical works he wrote, 25 dialogues, some letters, and the Apology survive. He was concerned primarily with the nature of knowledge and the study of ethics and politics. In the third century, Plato's ideas were combined with Stoic and Aristotelian philosophy to form the Neoplatonic school of thought that was to have a pervasive influence on later, particularly Renaissance, philosophers.
(428-348 BC): one of the great Ancient Greek philosophers, he was Aristotle's teacher and wrote the first sketch of an ideal utopian state, The Republic.
(c. May 21? 427 BC – c. 347 BC) was an immensely influential classical Greek philosopher, student of Socrates, teacher of Aristotle, writer, and founder of the Academy in Athens. In countries speaking Arabic, Turkish or Persian, he is called Eflatun, which means a spring of water, and, metaphorically, of knowledge.
The South African Council for Professional Land Surveyors and Technical Surveyors.
Plato is the maria-surfaced remains of a lunar impact crater. It is located on the northeastern shore of the Mare Imbrium, at the western extremity of the Montes Alpes mountainous range. In the maria to the south are several rises collectively named the Montes Teneriffe.
PLATO (Package for Linear-combination of ATomic Orbitals) is a suite of programs designed and written by Andrew Horsfield and Steven Kenny. Capabilities of the program include a tight-binding algorithm, and a self-consistent field method using either a local density approximation or generalized gradient approximation functionals. The program was specifically developed for application to systems with periodic boundary conditions (crystals), however it is also possible to treat isolated molecules.
PLATO was one of the first generalized Computer assisted instruction systems, originally built by the University of Illinois (U of I) and later taken over by Control Data Corporation (CDC), who provided the machines it ran on. PLATO ran for many years at the U of I, but CDC President William Norris' plans to make it a major force in the computing world and a keystone of corporate social responsibility failed. Although the project was economically a failure and supplanted by other technologies when it was finally turned off in the 1990s, PLATO nevertheless pioneered key concepts such as online forums and message boards, online testing, email, chat rooms, picture languages, instant messaging, remote screen sharing, and multiplayer online games.
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This is the European and American measurement of the density of solutions, based on the weight of cane sugar in the solution.
Degrees Plato. A term used to indicate the sugar concentration of wort or beer. The formula is grams of sugar/100 grams of solution.
A measurement of specific gravity of extract weight in a 110 gram sample at consistent temperature of 64 degrees F. It is always expressed as a percentage.
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Plato is a PHP-based template parsing engine which uses both regular expressions and string replacement functions. It is very extensible and allows users to create their own plugins. It has the ability to insert variables, include files, make function calls to plugins, and perform loops.
a system used to measure alcohol content, relating to the ratio of fermentable malts to water.
A European project to encourage innovation in business.