Definitions for "Platen "
The part of a printing press which presses the paper against the type and by which the impression is made.
Hence, an analogous part of a typewriter, on which the paper rests to receive an impression.
The black roller that provides a backing for the paper during printing.
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The glass scanning region on a flatbed scanner.
Flatbed for the printing form and a flat plate to apply pressure.
The glass surface of a flatbed scanner.
Platen is a Java library for working with Movable Type blog databases. It is currently very simple, and just a proof of concept for using Hibernate to access a MySQL database backend for a Movable Type blog with Java.
The movable table of a machine tool, as a planer, on which the work is fastened, and presented to the action of the tool; -- also called table.
Term sometimes used for a chest or, in the case of glue machines, it is the table or support that the glue printer and/or pattern nest bolt to.
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A plate, used to attach the jack to the bolster.
The platen is the glass surface on which the originals are placed for copying.
The surface on which a finger is placed during optical finger image capture.
The glass bed of an analog copier, digital copier, or digital duplicator. Hard copy originals are placed on the platen as part of the process of being reproduced.
The area used to print, plot, or display Wisconsin Package graphics. The platen is defined on every supported graphics device as 100 vertical units (Y) by 150 horizontal units (X). For more information, see "Using Graphic Parameters" in Chapter 5, Using Graphics.