Definitions for "Plateau"
Formation on a chart in which a price experienced very little up or down movement.
A flat surface; especially, a broad, level, elevated area of land; a table-land.
Any comparatively flat area of great extent or elevation.
After making gains, when a person has reached a point of very slow or no gains, he is said to have reached a plateau. When a plateau is reached, they can often be broken by varying or changing the person's PE routine.
Point in an exercise program where no additional progress is being made (gains in strength, weight loss, increased endurance, etc). One way to break through a plateau is to change the kind of activity you are doing or something about your current activity- adding hills, increasing speed, increasing distance, etc.
a sign that your body has, in essence, grown wise to your routine
A plateau is a period of time during which you stop losing weight. During a plateau, you remain at a certain weight despite efforts to continue losing.
A point in training when improvement appears to stop.
Normal phase in which the body holds on to weight, the scale doesn't budge downward (and may actually move up a pound or so), in order to readjust. Most people lose inches during this phase. May hit at any time and last for a varying period of time. Some people have reported plateaus of a month when they are a few weeks out of surgery. They do pass.
The third stage of the sexual response cycle, this is the highest moment of sexual excitement before orgasm. This stage may be lost and regained several times without the occurrence of orgasm.
The stage of sexual arousal in which a person is sexually excited and is approaching orgasm.
The third stage of the sexual response cycle in which the excitement maintains a high level prior to climaxing to the orgasm stage.
Plateau is a replacement for Java RMI that is targeted to error-tolerant systems. It features a flexible architecture that is easily customizable and is even simpler to use than RMI.
a middleness (milieu) without 'the beginning or the end,' a topographical feature on smooth space where 'multiplicity connected with other multiplicities' forms a 'circle of convergence
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a piece of immanence
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a situation of stagnation
The duration (normally specified in milliseconds or optionally by the number of cycles of the tone) of that part of a stimulus tone envelope that has a constant amplitude. See also notes under Tone Burst.
A plateau of a function is a part of its domain where the function has constant value.
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a sign that you need to mix it up a bit
a sign that your body is growing too comfy in your current regimen
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An ornamental dish for the table; a tray or salver.
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"Plateau" is a song by the American alternative rock band the Meat Puppets. It appears on their 1983 album, ''Meat Puppets II.
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ref. Growth curve
in psychology, a period in which there is no progress in learning.
A time or area in development when neither progress nor decline takes place.
A period during which a scene is not advancing. Usually a bad thing.
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a state such that some of its neighbors have equal h , and the others have worse h
a region with little or no change in geographical representation
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See Voltage plateau.
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a normal part of the process