Definitions for "pLASTer"
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A composition of lime, water, and sand, with or without hair as a bond, for coating walls, ceilings, and partitions of houses. See Mortar.
Calcined gypsum, or plaster of Paris, especially when ground, as used for making ornaments, figures, moldings, etc.; or calcined gypsum used as a fertilizer.
To overlay or cover with plaster, as the ceilings and walls of a house.
2CaSO 2H O. An invaluable mold-making tool for the potter, also used extensively in industry. It can be poured or carved into virtually any shape. When it is dry it can be used to press clay into or to slipcast with.
An invaluable mold-making tool. It can be poured or carved into virtually any shape. When it is dry it can be used to press clay into or to slipcast with, forming a specific shape.
To cover with a plaster, as a wound or sore.
Wrap the chopped or boiled herbs, or a paste made from them, in cheesecloth or muslin before applying to the affected area. This is good for herbs that might irritate the skin, such as mustard.
an external curative application, consisting of a solid or semi-solid substancespread upon a piece of muslin, skin, or some similarmaterial, and of such a nature as to be adhesive at the temperature of the body; used for the local application of a medicament or for closing a wound, and sometimes to give mechanical support
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An external application of a consistency harder than ointment, prepared for use by spreading it on linen, leather, silk, or other material. It is adhesive at the ordinary temperature of the body, and is used, according to its composition, to produce a medicinal effect, to bind parts together, etc.; as, a porous plaster; sticking plaster.
an herbal preparation for external application that is harder than an ointment, but soft enough to be spread on cloth and adhere to the skin when applied to the body
Used in interior stone installations to adhere the anchors in place as well as to fill butt jointed stone.
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see Coecal, Hydrocal B-11, Hydrocal FGR-95, or Hydrostone.
pLASTer is a project whoes goal is to simplify the task of administration on UNIX-like OSs. It should manage everything from Apache to Network Interfaces, and more, in a clear and intuitive fashion.
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Lead coin sold at the old Bad Manor. Could be divided into pie shaped "pieces." Plasters and pieces were redeemable for food & drink (such as Alices) after-hours.
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apply a plaster cast to; "plaster the broken arm"
Cast taken from the original model for a coin or medal sculpted by an artist, and used in modern reducing machines in the manufacture of the master die.
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(See "Stucco.")
a medical dressing consisting of a soft heated mass of meal or clay that is spread on a cloth and applied to the skin to treat inflamed areas or improve circulation etc.
apply a heavy coat to
dress by covering with a therapeutic substance
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