Definitions for "Placing"
It is a method of flotation in which a company issues shares to a select group of institutional investors.
An arrangement whereby a new issue of shares are not offered to the general public, but instead are sold to a small number of investors, usually, institutions investors such as pension funds.
An issue of new shares, by a company, direct to investors to raise additional funds. It is often used to pay for the acquisition of another business.
The physical insertion of the concrete mixture into the final location avoiding segregation of the mixture materials and compaction can be achieved. The deposition, distribution, and consolidation of freshly mixed concrete in the place where it is to harden. Also, inappropriately referred to as pouring. See compaction and placement.
Placing is the process of assigning physical device cell locations to the logic in a design.
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Effecting an insurance / An insurance which has been effected.