Definitions for "Placeholder"
A placeholder is a text box whose text will appear in the Outline. You cannot create a placeholder or change an ordinary text box into a placeholder. You must use the placeholders from a PowerPoint slide layout. You can move or resize a placeholder. The illustration at the right shows a bullet list placeholder.
A text or object box included in a slide layout for each of its required components.
A dashed border on a slide that designates where to insert specific text or objects.
an undeclared identifier
A Remote Storage identifier for an NTFS volume. See also Remote Storage.
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a special type of textbox
an image holding your place till you substitute it for a real unplugged - before the end of this month
a symbol in a logical or mathematical expression that can be replaced by the name of any member of specified set
Small graphic element used to replace a larger illustration or photograph until it has fully downloaded.
A parameter is an ideal example of a placeholder, because it is a symbolic representation that will be manipulated by a program, but only when it's running and an initial input value is defined. While the code is being written, all parameters are merely placeholders.
Keywords:  datatype, sql, column, define, set
a column for which you set the datatype and value in PL/SQL that you define
a code that commands the insertion of a dynamically-generated data word into the bit sequence
a special word that stands-in for data that's to be inserted later
a container for page content
a rectangular area that contains HTML code
Keywords:  simply, adult, load, family, created
an adult created simply to load the family
Keywords:  authorized, act, another, person
a person authorized to act for another