Definitions for "Pixel"
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is the basic unit of a CCD chip which accumulates charge depending upon the amount of light falling upon it. A typical CCD chip has over 300,000 pixels.
Short for pixel element. A pixel is the smallest part of an image on a computer screen or on the sensor of a digital camera. An image is made up of a grid of pixels.
Refers to a "picture element." A discrete unit capable of displaying a color or intensity different from those around it. LCD screens are an example of a pixel based display; many are 1280 pixels across and 720 pixels tall.
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Pixel is a webcomic written by Chris Dlugosz, first published on June 14 2002. It is set in the aptly-named "pixel universe", inhabited by pixels, voxels, vectors, Plasmas and polygons. The text of the comic is written entirely in upper case with very little punctuation other than the occasional hyphen or exclamation point.
A pixel is an individual cell in a matrix that comprises a raster dataset. See Raster.
A dimensionless point-measurement, stored in a raster file.
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Equine Spouse of George Willard.
a type of fixed plot used to estimate prevalence as the percentage area infected; often only the presence or absence of the damaging agent is recorded for each pixel.
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One square of a grid into which the light-sensitive component of a CCD is divided.
The input to a uniquely identifiable electronics channel. question: is this to be exactly a channel, or should cross-talk impose a distinction between the two
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14px This font-size is 14px
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An individual active segment
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See Tracking Pixel.