Definitions for "PIR"
Passive infrared. A motion detector that senses body heat to detect motion.
Passive Infrared. A sensor that uses Infrared energy to detect motion within the premises by detecting a change in temperature within its pattern of coverage.
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a title for a Sufi shaykh.
A Sufi Master, or a Spiritual Teacher.
Persian term for a Sufi master or shaykh
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(n.) peak information rate, is the peak rate of information transfer available on a connection. See also MIR and CIR and QIR.
priority intelligence requirements
priority intelligence requirement
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A database of translated GenBank nucleotide sequences. PIR is a redundant (see Redundancy) protein sequence database. The database is divided into four categories: 1.PIR1 - Classified and annotated. 2.PIR2 - Annotated. 3.PIR3 - Unverified. 4.PIR4 - Unencoded or untranslated.
The Protein Infomation Resource (PIR) database is useful for finding resources and amino acid compositions for different proteins. PIR can be accessed through the Biology Workbench SRS Databank Search.
PIR is a protein database. The PIR database has two sites. (PIR-US) in the United States, and PIR-JP based in Japan.
Perkebun Inti Rakyat (smallholder cash-crop scheme)
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Muslim holy man
India A Muslim spiritual guide
Payment to Individual Request. Form used to pay honoraria for services of a non-UW individual; i.e., referee, speaker, etc. Refer to questionnaire to determine if employer-employee relationship exists. If no relationship exists, use PIR for payment of services.
Patron Initiated Request (somewhat retired, evolved into Request)
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Head of a dervish convent.
elder, great one; in Tasawwuf, the name given to the one who establishes an Order
Parity, Inclusion, and Representation
Personnel Inventory Report
Periodic Inspection Report
Property Irregularity Report
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Preference in Hiring
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Post Implementation Review
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Partners in Injury Reduction