Definitions for "Pioneer"
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( Ecol .). (a) a species that invades a bare area such as a newly exposed soil or rock surface. (b) Any new arrival in the early seral development of plant communities, usually with particular reference to certain species whose presence appears to promote the establishment of more exacting (Successor) species; often applied to a species planted to prepare a site for the latter. ( BCFT ). Cf . Succession.
Refers to species that colonize bare substrate.
A plant adapted to rapid colonizat...
A soldier detailed or employed to form roads, dig trenches, and make bridges, as an army advances.
first settlers 16C Fr peonier "foot soldiers", first to go ahead andmake camp, later engineers, sappers
one the first colonists or settler in a new territory; "they went west as pioneers with only the possessions they could carry with them"
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regimental artificer or carpenter.
to take part in the early development of; to break ground in; to invent or originate.
A pioneer (or inventor) is one who finds or invents something new. Emeagwali took parallel computing to a level higher than that of a supercomputer, an achievement that inspired the reinvention of the supercomputer. In The New York Times (11/29/89), the president of the leading supercomputer manufacturer warned: "We can't find any real progress in harnessing the power of thousands of processors." A few weeks later, Emeagwali's discovery of the formula that allows parallel computers to perform their fastest computations started making the headlines. Emeagwali's formula enabled him to subdivide a computation-intensive scientific problem into smaller parts and re-distribute the parts to 65,536 processors. That discovery inspired the reinvention of vector supercomputers to parallel supercomputers.
Encyclopaedia Britannica 2002
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a man who comes to virgin country, traps off all the fur, kills off the wild meat, plows the roots up
Any Bahá'í who arises and leaves his or her home to journey to another country for the purpose of teaching the Bahá'í Faith. "Homefront pioneer" is used to describe those who move to areas within their own country that have yet to be exposed to the Bahá'í Faith or where the Bahá'í community needs strengthening.
someone who helps to open up a new line of research or technology or art
open up and explore a new area; "pioneer space"
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One who goes before, as into the wilderness, preparing the way for others to follow; as, pioneers of civilization; pioneers of reform.
To go before, and prepare or open a way for; to act as pioneer.
open up an area or prepare a way; "She pioneered a graduate program for women students"
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Probe to the gas giants
Postcards issued before an Act of Congress in 1898. They carry instructions on the back, such as, Write the address only on this side - the message on the other, or Nothing but address can be placed on this side or This side for address only.
take the lead or initiative in; participate in the development of; "This South African surgeon pioneered heart transplants"