Definitions for "Pinky"
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Baby new born mouse, is hairless and pink in color
a Baby Mouse, and Other Baby Animal Names, vol
a Baby Mouse and provides classroom-tested supplemental activities
Pinky (1949) is a film which tells the story of a young lightskinned African American woman passing as white, who becomes torn between the needs of her grandmother and the love of a white doctor. Released by Twentieth Century Fox, it starred Jeanne Crain, Ethel Barrymore, and Ethel Waters.
Pinky will be the eponymous debut studio album by Pinky. According to Zach Gerstein, it will be released sometime in the middle of September 2006.
Pinky candy is a brand of mint-flavoured candy sold by Frente International Flavors currently available in the new rectangular packaging are Peach, Kashisu (blackcurrant), and Citrus; Pinky also comes in a smaller, rounded container, with Cola and Soda as the two newest flavors. Pinky is famous largely for its cute monkey mascot, aptly named Pinky Monkey (ピンキー モンキー).
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the finger farthest from the thumb
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Talking Apes' term for humans.
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a bright colored tea
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a media player that's a little different to the rest, enabling you to add to your collection, as well as play it
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See 1st Pink.