Definitions for "Pinhole"
A small, pore-like defect or leak extending entirely through the lining thickness and appearing as a discontinuity; synonymous with "holiday".
Recessed downlight that includes a faceplate with a small aperture used for inconspicuous accent lights.
Generally a small, sharp-edge hole without a lens which can function as an aperture or eye lens.
Pinhole was a rock band from Liverpool, England in the UK. Managed by Shifty Ryder, the band released 2 CDs before taking a break to refine their musical direction. They emerged from their hiatus with a new sound and a new name: The Dead 60s.
An archaic way of taking photographs using a simple box without a lens, it is currently undergoing a resurgence with contemporary artists, producing images that have a unique perspective and dreamlike quality.
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See DMZ Pinhole
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The exact centre of the target face.
A clear defect completely within a black pattern or in the black background of a clear pattern.