Definitions for "Pilum"
Keywords:  javelin, spear, pila, enemy, shield
The javelin carried into battle by legionaries. Each soldier had two pilums which were thrown towards the enemy at the beginning of a battle. They were designed to spear an opponent's shield, then the shaft would break causing the pilum to make the shield unusable. The shield would then be discarded rendering the warrior vulnerable
(pl. pila, adj. pilate) ( Erdtman, 1952) sexine element, usually standing directly on the nexine, consisting of a rod-like part ( columella) and a swollen apical part ( caput). Pitted (adj.) A general term for small depressions ( Jackson, 1928) Synonym of foveolate (in palynology).
Heavy, javelin-like device made of a metal point attached to a wooden rod that was jabbed into an enemy's shield, shattering it and rendering the enemy vulnerable.