Definitions for "Piling"
Keywords:  pier, driven, wharves, dock, seabed
Round timbers driven into the ground to support other structures.
A timber product used for supports for docks, buildings, etc. They have strict specifications that must be met for the product category and are usually more valuable per unit of volume.
Piles collectively; a structure of piles. See dolphin.
Keywords:  blanket, rollers, caking, uneven, plate
The process of building up, heating, and working, fagots, or piles, to form bars, etc.
the buildup of material from paper on the calendar roll or printing blanket
1) The build-up or caking of ink on blanket, plate and rollers; this piled ink will not easily transfer to the web. 2) An accumulation of paper coating on the blanket.
Keywords:  smoothly, wet, quantity, level, spot
The defect of a wet coating film in which the coating does not level out smoothly. It is due to the application of too much coating in one spot.
Describes an excessive quantity of finishing material. Also, this term is used if the material does not level out by flowing smoothly.
Keywords:  heaping, act
The act of heaping up.
A series of piles; piles considered collectively; as, the piling of a bridge.