Definitions for "Pilgrimage"
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The journey of a pilgrim; a long journey; especially, a journey to a shrine or other sacred place. Fig., the journey of human life.
a journey, usually to a shrine or a sacred place
A journey to a holy place for the purpose of worship or thanksgiving or doing penance; there were many local, regional and universal sites that drew pilgrims in the Middle Ages; among the greatest pilgrim destinations were the places connected with Jesus's life in the Holy Land, the city of Rome and the shire of St James at Compostela. (Lynch, Joseph H. The Medieval Church: A Brief History, 364)
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See Hajj.
The English word for Hajj. One of the 5 pillars of Islam.[GOTO TOP
an ingrained metaphor for travelling through life toward the permanent and the true
a nobler kind of travel in which we tell our tales, draw our pictures, compose our songs
a term primarily used in religion and spirituality of a long
a bridge of solidarity and witness
a time of prayer and to witness the miraculous signposts God has left for our return to Him
a costumed trail ride. Sometimes supplemented by "stations" that feature a display or some amusement.
Pilgrimage is the second album by legendary rock band Wishbone Ash. The album focuses more on folk and acoustic music as opposed to the blues rock sound that dominated the first album. The album also contains an instrumental jazz workout ("Vas Dis") and a four-part harmony vocal track in the spirit of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young ("Valediction").
Pilgrimage was a demoparty which took place annually in Salt Lake City, Utah each summer. The first event was held in August 2003, founded by Rich "Legalize" Thompson of the demoscene group Polygony.
a great opportunity to be by oneself and to embark on an inner, as well as an outer, quest
an opportunity for personal growth and transformation, and while this is possible on vacations and tours, its occurrence is serendipitous
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A tedious and wearisome time.
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a physical process, a process that engages our heart and soul, not merely our well-honed intellect
a physical process," writes Cameron
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a chapter of life
a privileged occasion for meeting others
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