Definitions for "Pile"
Keywords:  nap, velvet, corduroy, plush, fleece
A hair; hence, the fiber of wool, cotton, and the like; also, the nap when thick or heavy, as of carpeting and velvet.
A covering of hair or fur.
Often used to describe single-sided fleeces that are thicker and furrier than the typical two-sided fabrics.
Keywords:  driven, pier, timber, concrete, slender
A large stake, or piece of timber, pointed and driven into the earth, as at the bottom of a river, or in a harbor where the ground is soft, for the support of a building, a pier, or other superstructure, or to form a cofferdam, etc.
A long, slender structural element used to transfer structural loads deep within the soil.
For wetland construction piles may be wooden logs, poles, or timbers, steel helixes, or concrete that is cast in place. A pile is usually no more than 12 inches in diameter. The pile is either placed in a hole dug to the depth required (end bearing pile), driven with a heavy weight (friction pile), or screwed into the ground by a machine (helical pile).
A vertical series of alternate disks of two dissimilar metals, as copper and zinc, laid up with disks of cloth or paper moistened with acid water between them, for producing a current of electricity; -- commonly called Volta's pile, voltaic pile, or galvanic pile.
a collection of objects laid on top of each other
battery consisting of voltaic cells arranged in series; the earliest electric battery devised by Volta
Keywords:  heap, amass, overfill, firewood, mass
To drive piles into; to fill with piles; to strengthen with piles.
A mass of things heaped together; a heap; as, a pile of stones; a pile of wood.
A mass formed in layers; as, a pile of shot.
Keywords:  undercoat, furry, bombus, dense, setae
A coat or surface of usually short close fine furry hairs
Dense undercoat of soft hair.
fine soft dense hair (as the fine short hair of cattle or deer or the wool of sheep or the undercoat of certain dogs)
One of the ordinaries or subordinaries having the form of a wedge, usually placed palewise, with the broadest end uppermost.
a heraldic wedge-shaped charged placed palewise with the broad end up.
An older term for nuclear reactor. See; Reactor.
a nuclear reactor that uses controlled nuclear fission to generate energy
The term "Pile" refers to a nuclear reactor. Coined by Enrico Fermi at the Met Lab, it was based on the first rudimentary nuclear reactor which was nothing more than a pile of uranium and graphite blocks. Later on the term was carried forward to Hanford where the giant reactors became known as Pile B, Pile D, etc. Photograph
Keywords:  fagot
Same as Fagot, n., 2.
Keywords:  pyre, funeral
A funeral pile; a pyre.
As its name suggests, this term refers to a pile of loose tobacco leaves; no sorting or bundling of the leaves has occurred. The term pile is most often used in the context of the auction system, which involves placing piles of tobacco on the auction floor to be inspected by potential buyers.
a large sum of money (especially as pay or profit); "she made a bundle selling real estate"; "they sank megabucks into their new house"
Keywords:  loculi, superimposed, tiers
tiers of superimposed loculi
Keywords:  arrow, spear, tip, front, head
The head of an arrow or spear.
The front tip of the arrow, the point, often metal.
press tightly together or cram; "The crowd packed the auditorium"
an example of an aggregate which is both a material assembly (in contrast to a set) and has distinguished members - it imposes individuation criteria on its members, so they are countable - in contrast to a mereosum
Keywords:  plenty, trouble, batch, extent, mint
(often followed by `of') a large number or amount or extent; "a batch of letters"; "a deal of trouble"; "a lot of money"; "he made a mint on the stock market"; "it must have cost plenty"
a swollen varicose vein in the back passage (rectum)
Keywords:  bumpers, dog, handler, picks, far
A group of bumpers used in a training exercise. The bumpers should be placed far enough apart that the dog picks up the first one it comes to without looking through the rest of the pile, and then will quickly return to the handler.
Keywords:  hammered, coin, die, stay, reverse
The reverse of a coin. See Reverse.
The die at the bottom of the coin when the coin is hammered. Usually it was pointed so it would stay located.
place or lay as if in a pile; "The teacher piled work on the students until the parents protested"
Keywords:  pie, shape, point, base
A pie shape, point to base
an organizational tool for the designer
A designated area where cards can exist.
an arbitrary grouping of cards that is created by the designer of an interface
Keywords:  lords, shit, bar
as in pile of shit. Lords of the bar.
Keywords:  poker, chips, game, player, money
Refers to the amount of money/chips a player has at a poker game.
Keywords:  player, money
A player's money.