Definitions for "PIGMENTS"
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The coloring materials in paint. They can be found in the natural world and/or synthesized in the laboratory and are derived both from organic and inorganic sources.
Colour stable oxide base pigments made specifically to pigment concrete. Trent has 70+ years experience with proprietary pigments. See sample library.
A good colouring pigment for concrete is an ultrafine, solid, non-dissolving coloured powder substance with particles usually about 200 to 500 times finer than those of cement. It must be chemically inert to the other materials being used in the concrete, it must be resistant to strong alkalis and, for lasting results, it must be UV-resistant.
clay, minerals and other materials that are added to coatings to enhance properties of the paper
Tiny metallic and glittering particles which are insoluble in binding and thinning agents. They are used to give coatings, printing inks, and cosmetics products special visual effects. Our product range includes aluminum, pearlescent and PVD, gold bronze, and zinc pigments, as well as finished metallic printing inks for different printing techniques such as offset printing, gravure and flexo printing, screen printing, and bronzing.
A substance, usually mineral, that imparts color to something else. Pigments do not dissolve in liquid, but are tiny particles of color that are suspended in it. Used in Chandler's Soaps products.
Chemicals with properties that affect color. Email Ready for a knowledgeable environmental - pollution insurance professional? Firms with a presence in California Email me now. Email
Museum of Paleontology - University of California Berkley
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Any coloring matter in plant or animal cells.