Definitions for "Piggyback"
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TOFC or trailer on a flat car. Originally used when truck trailers were loaded onto flat cars for shipment by rail.
An ocean container or trailer riding on a rail car (COFC or TOFC)
The modern railroads' special flatcar service to transport highway trailers. Sometimes called TOFC.
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This is a multi-ply pressure sensitive laminate consisting of a face stock, a layer of adhesive, a standard release liner, a layer of adhesive, and a standard release liner. This type of product provides a single label that can be applied to a substrate using the adhesive on the middle liner; then the top ply is removed and applied to a different substrate using the adhesive on the face stock.
When used to describe a self-adhesive laminate this means that there are muliple layers of face material, adhesive, and backing all combined to form a single laminate for production purposes.
A type of pressure sensitive label on a pressure sensitive liner. The double-ply label is carried on a standard release liner. Once the double-ply is applied to a substrate, the top ply can be removed and applied to yet another substrate.
Piggy back is a POC for a development technique targeted at Swing applications. The idea is that layers of services piggy back on another layer to provide maximum reuse and modularity. Consists of a API written in Java and wrapped a type 3 IOC engine
A slang expression used to describe Sticky Backs. The name used by some companies in marketing their version of the Sticky Back. (See Sticky Back).
ride on someone's shoulders or back
The simultaneous closing of two mortgage loans. The customer will have two mortgage payments, but will avoid MI by choosing this alternative.
This refers to a situation where borrowers will often use a "piggyback" second mortgage in conjunction with a first mortgage so they don't need a 20 percent down payment and can avoid PMI.
Borrowers often use a "piggyback" second mortgage in conjunction with a first mortgage so that they do not have to provide a 20 percent down payment in order to avoid PMI.
Often small telescopes or camera lenses are piggybacked, or mounted on top of another telescope. Camera lenses and small refractors are popular for wide-field imaging and astronomers who own a larger scope such as an SCT will often mount the smaller instrument on top of the larger, using the big scope as a tracking platform. This eliminates the need for a separate mount for the smaller instrument and allows the larger scope to be used for guiding.
Method of wearing contact lenses where a soft lens is worn underneath an RGP
gaining unauthorized access to a computer system via another user's legitimate connection
To gain unauthorized access to a system via an authorized user's legitimate connection.
a tuning system that works by manipulating sensor signals too and from the factory ECU
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Leaf type. See Bustleback.
An advertisement (print or electronic) that is included with an advertisement for another product. Each part of the ad can typically also be run on its own. Contributed by: MarcommWise Staff
Refers to an amp and speaker cabinet combination in which the head (amp circuitry) and speakers are not housed in the same enclosure.
A commercial announcement by a signal advertiser which combines two different product commercials.
A combination of two loans. Example: A loan is made for 90% of the home price. 80% of the purchase price is supplied by a 1st mortgage and 10% by a 2nd mortgage. The 2nd mortgage is piggybacked on the 1st.
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Pilot lamp
a piece of code which is added to a privileged system program, and which gives privileges and/or special capabilities to callers which have some kind of speciality (like a special process name, for example)
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a home equity loan borrowed on top of a primary mortgage