Definitions for "PIF"
Program information Microsoft Windows
A file used by Windows to describe the environment for a DOS program to use.
Patient information form. A form used in a medical office or clinic that is filled out by patients who are new to the facility. It asks for name, address, and phone number of the patient, marital status, name of spouse and who to contact in case of emergency plus employment information and pertinent insurance data. This information is then transferred to the patient information section (top section) of the CMS-1500.
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Pharma Industry Finland.
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Product Implementation Form (the system by which new fares can be introduced into the system)
Productivity Improvement Factor. Inflation drives cost up over time, productivity improvements should drive down costs. In many cases productivity improvements are not obvious because the product changes so much that the productivity improvement cost benefits do not materialize or get lost. FAA Life Cycle Cost Estimating Handbook Keyword(s): Productivity Improvement Factor (PIF)
The Pixel Illumination Factor (PIF) is a number between 0 and 1, which expresses the theoretical degree of illumination of each pixel of the detector plan of a coded-mask instrument. The PIF is used to derive the spectrum of sources observed with a coded-mask instrument and is calculated on the basis of the position and the relative intensity of each source in the field of view.
POS Interchange Fee. A fee paid by a POS Acquirer Member to an Issuer Member, as a result of an authorized POS Purchase or Pre-authorization Completion Transaction made by a STAR Cardholder at a STAR Merchant.
PARTNERS IN FLIGHT. A cooperative effort among numerous agencies and organizations committed to conserving birds and their associated habitats throughout the Western Hemisphere.
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Pacific Islands Forum
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Power Man & Iron Fist
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Pay In Full
All charges are paid in full.
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Professional Investor Fund