Definitions for "Pieces"
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Pieces (also known as Mil gritos tiene la noche, Rompecabezas and One Thousand Cries Has the Night) is a 1982 slasher film. The film was directed by Spanish film director Juan Piquer Simón, written by Joe D'Amato and co-written by Dick Randall, produced by Stephen Minasian, and starred Christopher George (of TV's Rat Patrol), Lynda Day George (of TV's ), Edmund Purdom, spaghetti-western star Frank Braña and Paul Smith.
Pieces is an EP released by Dismember. It was released in 1992 by Nuclear Blast. In 2005 it was re-issued by Regain Records with eight live tracks recorded in Stockholm, 1993.
Poorer coloured, shorter heavy conditioned portions, skirted from the perimeter of the fleece.
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Originally a voyageur term, referring to a ninety-pound package of goods.
Rooms. Usually counts the major rooms in addition to the (taken-for-granted) kitchen and bath --i.e., "3 pieces" -- an apartment with a living room, dining room and a separate bedroom
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"Pieces" is the second single from Sum 41's 2004 album, Chuck.
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plots of land larger than a strip. Often a collection of strips which remain attached to one farm.
This is the amount of individual pieces making up the parcel.
Individual items, as in the expression "two dollars a piece." Individual fish.
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Bets. I.e. three pieces = three bets.