Definitions for "Pickling"
The most important forms of pickling are in soy jam in China (often fermented flour jam) or soy sauce. Pickling in vinegar is not so common. Pickling in syrup or honey is for dessert material and not a dish-forming process. Pickled cuĀ­cumbers in soy sauce are a great delicacy. They can be found canned on the shelves of Chinatown .
Pickling is the process of removing surface oxides or impurities by chemical or electrochemical means.
The removal of surface oxides from metals by chemical or electrochemical reaction.
a furniture finish created by painting a piece, then wiping away most of the paint before it has dried, leaving some paint in the cracks and corners
A white or light-colored pigment in either an oil or water vehicle. When wiped or brushed on to an open pore wood, the white stays in the pores and is usually wiped off the surface, either entirely or partially depending on the effect desired. Similar to the application of Filler.
Also known as Wrinkling, Puckering or Shriveling. Fault condition where the surface of the paint wrinkles like the surface of a prune.