Definitions for "PIA"
Pacific Income Advisers
Production Investment Agreement
Personal Investment Authority. This is now known as the FSA: the Financial Services Authority.
arrowroot plant
perennial herb of East Indies to Polynesia and Australia; cultivated for its large edible root yielding Otaheite arrowroot starch
Latin = faithful, hence, the membrane which faithfully follows the contour of the brain and spinal cord.
Inner most layer of the meninges. Adjacent to the surface of the brain.
the innermost layer of the meninges. It is adjacent to the surface of the brain and the arachnoid.
Programmi Integrati di Agevolazione
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Primary Interop Assemblies
Primary Insurance Amount. The "primary insurance amount" (PIA) is the benefit a person would receive if he/she elects to begin receiving benefits at his/her normal retirement age. This means that the benefit is neither reduced for early retirement nor increased for delayed retirement. For more information, see the Primary Insurance Amount topic.
Primary Insurance Amount. The amount used under the Social Security system to determine the amount of benefits, based on the individual's earnings history and number of years in the Social Security system.
Programa de Ingenieria Ambiental
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Privacy Impact Assessment. An assessment that each federal department and agency is required to carry out regarding the impact of its operations on the obligations imposed by the Privacy Act for the protection of personal information.
Poverty Impact Assessment. An assessment tool developed by DAC/ POVNET (may be considered a light version of PSIA).
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Acronym for Peripheral Interface Adaptor. This is an LSI chip which interfaces the 6502 with external devices. The joystick pins of the four user ports are connected to a PIA inside the computer.
This chip takes care of the controller jacks.
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feminine form of "pius", meaning "pious, dutiful".
Philadelphia International Airport
Pakistan International Airlines
proliferative inflammatory atrophy. chronic inflammatory prostate lesions that may result in prostate cancer
Program Integrity Assurance. A component of the SLD which reviews applications and invoices for compliance with the E-rate program rules as prescribed by the FCC.
PeopleSoft Internet Architecture: technical architecture used by PeopleSoft in its web-based applications.
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Printing Industry of America. The umbrella organization of the graphic arts industry. It is a federation of national, regional, state and city associations in the printing industry.
A graphic arts trade organization. to top
PROFESSIONAL INSURANCE AGENT. A group of professional independent agents of both stock and mutual insurance companies who provide their collective views on insurance legislation affecting both local and national issues.
Professional Insurance Agents. Trade association of insurance agents.
Professional Insurance Agents. An association of independent agents involved in educational programs, consumer efforts, and government and industry affairs pertaining to the insurance industry.
Personal Insolvency Agreement. this is a formal arrangement under the Bankruptcy Act between a debtor and their creditors for finalising their debts. PIA's came into effect on 1/12/04.
Permanent Injury Award
Personal Injury Accident
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Priority Intervention Area
Federally funded program emphasis in Extension.
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See French Collections.
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a plant
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Public Information Act