Definitions for "Phrase searching"
A means of narrowing a database search to display documents which include a particular phrase. Search engines usually require quotation marks to indicate phrases.
In online searching, the searching for a string of words in the exact order in which they appear in the search box. Often, quotation marks are used around the phrase (depending on the database). Example: “Fall of the Roman Empire .” If this search were entered into a bibliographic database, the records returned in the Hit List (cf) must have this exact phrase somewhere in them. Plagiarism Presenting another person's ideas as your own, even if done inadvertently. Failure to properly cite sources used and thus not giving appropriate credit for ideas. Primary Source An original source, such as original research. The material where an idea first appears. Proximity Operators In online searching, the use of the terms WITH, NEAR and/or ADJACENT to specify that search words or phrases must be found in a particular order and within so many words of each other. Record See Field.
search more than one keyword exactly as written usually by enclosing the terms in quotes to form a phrase. Sometime called a "character string." ex. "Bruce Springsteen" or "call of the wild"