Definitions for "Photographer"
Someone who takes photographs, especially as a profession. It could be said that a good photographer is a combination of an artist, craftsman and scientist, since knowledge and skills from all three professions play a part in good photography.
Takes topside and underwater pictures, develops guest's pictures, and conducts a photo contest of the guest's photos.
A journalist who takes photos.
a website dedicated to photojournalism and photography
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a continuation of New York Photoblog
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a key element in your big day that is why it is so crucial to get the right person at the right price
a person who hears light, sees sound, and feels time
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a interpreter of the reality
Keywords:  witness, art, earth, practices, images
one who practices the art of producing images
a witness to the art that is the earth
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a director whether he likes it or not
an individual who creates a photograph or photographic negative or transparency
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One who practices, or is skilled in, photography.
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a great addition to almost any event
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a client just as an agency is a client
a member benefit that has measurable cash value