Definitions for "PHOTOGRAPH"
Keywords:  moment, forever, frozen, capture, dto
a captured moment in time
a composition of what you saw and what you thought was interesting enough to capture in a camera
a glimpse of a moment we wish to visualize or see f
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a poem without words
a relatively small work (like a poem, a short story, or a song) so the vision of the artist (and the scope and depth of that vision) needs the context of a larger body of work to evaluate it--a collection, an album, or a portfolio
"Photograph" is a song written by Ringo Starr and George Harrison. It was released by Starr as a single in October 1973, reaching number eight and number one in the UK and US singles charts, respectively. It can also be heard on the Ringo album and several compilation and live albums.
A picture painted by the sun without instruction in art. It is a little better than the work of an Apache, but not quite so good as that of a Cheyenne.
A picture or likeness obtained by photography.
To take a picture or likeness of by means of photography; as, to photograph a view; to photograph a group.
a consciousness painting, the instant's art that opens on the unbound vistas of the inner life
an important part of an ID badge, and so they've been taking photos for everyone's IDs
a painting drawn with light
a moral decision taken in an eighth of a second, or a fifteenth, or a hundred-and-twenty fifth
a moral decision taken in one eighth of a second
a snapshot of someone else's life, and although we can experience it vicariously, it cannot be personalised
a temporal snapshot that encapsulates our physical space, but it discards any social information
a likeness or reproduction of an original, and not a symbolic representation of it
a precise articulately crafter representation of a vision which conveys a series of emotions and feelings including passion, beauty, misery, and tragedy much more deeply than any amount of words ever could
a representation (an image) of something in the real world, yet when retouched with a computer it is no longer a representation of anything at all
Keywords:  semiotic, battlefield
a semiotic battlefield
Keywords:  dimensional, width, height, flat, grid
a fixed width grid
a flat image (two dimensional) with height and width but no depth
a flat, two dimensional object (length and height)
a simple thing
a thing under development
a thing which, to use an old scholarly word, needs to be 'unpacked
Keywords:  pinch, pick
a very satisfactory alternative as it preserves the original habit and colour of the plant concerned and can also illustrate features of the habitat
(see continuous tone illustration)
Keywords:  conscious, dive, undergo, way, comment
undergo being photographed in a certain way; "Children photograph well"
a great way to share your dive experience with others
a powerful way of communication, even a different type of language
A product produced by printing film negatives on paper through a photochemical process.
a record of reflected visible light on film or paper
Photographic Film Photographic Processes
a living record of the past
a record of human spirit
a selective recording of a visual scene
Keywords:  milisecond, split, time, second, point
a milisecond in time
a point in time
a split second in time
Keywords:  radial, projection
a radial projection
Keywords:  lie, truth, conceals
a lie that conceals a truth
a mechanical rendering, not a human interpretation of a view
a section cut from the world and rendered in two dimensions
Keywords:  hotel, near, company
a hotel near our company
a form of art and a form of communication
a form of documentary evidence
a text and so is print on a T-shirt
General term for a positive or negative print on various support materials produced by several reproductive methods.
Keywords:  enamel, metallic, material, called
a material called metallic enamel
Keywords:  interview, plus, speed, process
a plus to speed up the interview process
Keywords:  acquisition, schedule
an acquisition schedule soon
Keywords:  impression, subjective
a subjective impression
Keywords:  historical, document
a historical document
Keywords:  dots, universe
a universe of dots
Keywords:  secret
a secret about a
an excellent object link, especially if the subject's name is written on the back
an object and it has a physical presence which is not conveyed on a website
Keywords:  vehicle, content
a vehicle, and what it is a photo of is its content
a good stock photo only if a client is willing to offer compensation for the use of that photo
Keywords:  alternative, acceptable
an acceptable alternative
Keywords:  feel, actually, hold, hands, object
an object that you can actually hold in your hands and feel
Keywords:  reflection, eye, world, person, one
a reflection of the world seen through one person's eye
Keywords:  practice, take
To practice photography; to take photographs.
Keywords:  store, information
a store of information