Definitions for "Phil"
nickname for Phillip (or Philip) or Philamon
Phillip Shortman (voiced by Dan Castellanetta) is a character on the Nickelodeon cartoon Hey Arnold! who owns the local boarding house. He is Arnold's grandfather, Pookie/Gertrude's husband, and Miles' father. His nickname is Steely Phil.
loving, desirous of (_Philodendron_ = "tree loving" because they often grow thereon)
loving, desirous of ("anemophilus" = "wind-loving")
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A library for portability. Phil makes use of what Autoconf reports so that your C/C++ or Java app doesn't have to. The Phil docs also discuss portability issues that might be of use even without Phil.
Public Health Image Library
an alumni of the University of Georgia Article in Red and Black
an extensive collection of still images, image sets, and multimedia files related to public health
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a great leader on and off the field
an attorney practicing in estate planning and business transactions