Definitions for "Phenotype"
The outward manifestations (e.g., eye color, disease symptoms, etc.) that result from the genotype (the genetic material), sometimes in interaction with the biologic environment.
Observable physical characteristics that result from both genetic and environmental influences. go to glossary index
The physical appearance of an individual that is a result of that individual's genotype and the interaction of the genotype with the environment during development. Hence individuals with the same genotypes may have different phenotypes in different environments.
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we were able to find genomic differences that influence the risk for pulmonary cavitation, which is a clinical phenotype. (IOCeleraArticles) Fenótipo Isso também se reflete na genética, porque quando você procura por uma mutação que tem efeitos maiores no fenótipo da minhoca ... (POFapesp2)
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a group of morels that grow out from a mycelial mass that originated from one ascospore
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What the plant looks like, ie, its morphology.
a label used to define a particular tagging of the microarrays in a set
a blood test to determine what specific resistance a person's strain of HIV has so that medication can be changed for best results
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Set of characters within a population, here cell population.