Definitions for "Phenolic"
A high-impact, temperature-resistant plastic used in some sockets and fixtures
The thermo-set plastic used as the insulating body of the thermostat; it has a UL rated temperature of 177 C ± and a comparative strength value of 30,000 lb at ambient. This material will not melt, however, it will deteriorate at high temperatures.
A plastic polymer offering unique favorable properties for being used as gaskets in certain automotive applications.  In the Mercedes-Benz Pontons, there is a thick phenolic gasket between the engine block and the oil filter housing.
Having the flavor and aroma of medicine, plastic, smoke, or cloves, due to wild yeast or bacteria, or sanitizer residue.
A medicinal taste caused by volatile phenol compounds.
Aroma contains chemical phenols. These are generally heavy, thick, tar-like scents.
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A highly complex organic compound that exists in every plant in various mixes, ratios and concentrations. Phenols include, for example, many plant pigments. Dérivé/composés phénoliques
a rigid closed-cell foam product with an orange or light red foam core, sandwiched between various types of facers. Problems have been reported with board shrinkage, and corrosion of adjacent metal roof assembly components. (Contact IRC staff for further information and details.)
A material often used in the manufacture of bearing cages.
See Phenolic Sheet on our Materials Reference Chart.
A non-magnetic material used to provide mechanical support to the magnet wire windings, also provides anchorage for terminal leads if used.
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having an odor of the chemical phenol.
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See Phenol.