Definitions for "phantom "
That which has only an apparent existence; an apparition; a specter; a phantasm; a sprite; an airy spirit; an ideal image.
An apparition or spectre
something that is apparent to the sight or other sense but has no actual or substantial existence. Often used as a synonym for "ghost".
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An item with an identifying product number that is not normally built and then stocked, but is immediately used in the next stage of production. MRP processing logic will blow through a phantom down to the next level (and not generate planned orders for the phantom) but will net against its on-hand inventory if it does occasionally exist. A phantom bill of material is sometimes used to ease maintenance when a set of parts consumed in production has identical usage across many bills of material.
a car that never existed, but could have
A fictitious bill of material created for common subassemblies or kits that you do not want to produce as separate items. For example, if you have a number of products that all use the same hardware kit you can create a phantom bill for the hardware kit and then just put the phantom item on the bills for all products that use it. Your MRP system will treat the phantom bill components as though they were part of the bill for the higher level item (rather than treating it as a separate item that needs to be produced). Phantom items never actually exist, they are just a means for simplifying the management of your bills of materials.
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Phantom is a tool that allows you to monitor the amount of time you spend connected to the internet. It’s been designed for use with flat rate products that give you a fixed number of hours each month for a fixed price.
(see also "Houdini", "Sneak Attack", "Spit Trick", "Philly Phake Out", "Deak") - Fuck a girl in the ass and right before you cum, pull out and spit on her back. She'll think you came there, and when she rolls over, shoot on her face. You can also yell "surprise!" here. - vigilante o death
Phantom is a silent film that was directed by F. W. Murnau in 1922, the same year he directed Nosferatu. It is an expressionist film with a surreal, dreamlike quality.
Mega Man Zero. Phantom was Head of the Zan'ei Gundan ("Shadow-Slashing Army") with the title of Inshō ("Shadow General"), which, unlike the titles of the other Guardians, was not given an official English translation, for Neo Arcadia. Phantom's schematics were based on that of X's capabilities of stealth.
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an immaterial being
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Phantom is the tenth book in Terry Goodkind's epic fantasy series The Sword of Truth. Phantom debuted in the #1 spot on the New York Times and Publishers Weekly best seller lists, among others.
phantom scans files for blocks containing all 0x00's and replaces them by 'phantom blocks', freeing some diskspace.
cylinder with fillable inserts, mimicking some of the body organs, which once filled with the radioactive material and scanned, offers the standard measurements for characterisation of scanner performances
a device used in radiation biology to estimate the effects of radiation
a row that becomes visible to a transaction when it was not previously
The electromágnetica radiation fixed in the order of the wavelength. A rainbow is a natural phantom of the visible light of the phantoms of the sun often scores with rays of the emission or absorption, that can be examined to reveal the composition and the movement of the source of the radiation.
an artificial object of known dimensions and properties that is used to test or monitor an MRI systems homogeneity, imaging performance and orientation aspects.
An anthropogenic object that can be imaged to test the performance of a magnetic resonance imaging system. [ Chapter 9
an artificial object of known dimensions and properties used to test aspects of an imaging machine.
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a two seater
an invisible juggler off one end of the opposite line whom you feed by doing a self
a non-existent dancer with whom you may be asked to work
A system is described as a phantom model if self intersection is allowed. The opposite is a self avoiding system.
Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps nomenclature for the F4 aircraft.
Phantom - A smaller crystal of a mineral within a larger crystal of the same mineral.
a crystal that appears to have a smaller crystal inside of it
a crystal that has had some impurity drop on it during growth, but then continues to grow right around the impurity
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Pretend shares or options. Key employees are often given them as part of their pay and perks.
(1) (noun) an imaginary pair deemed present to complete a tournament movement.(2) (noun) a sacrifice against a contract that would have failed. [Also phantom sacrifice or phantom save.](3) (adjective) describing a sacrifice against a contract that would have failed.
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a Poodle of any color with the tan point pattern
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a defensive player claiming a touch when no touch had in fact been made. Frowned upon by the vast majority of players.
an object separate from the apparatus and comprising parts opaque to X-rays arranged according to a geometry defined and known
an item type in BOM that has an engineering or structure function only
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a device which looks rather like a pen which you can slide across a surface in a VR world and feel its texture and density
A reference standard used to verify the performance of medical diagnostic ultrasound systems.
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a good choice
A method of connecting open wire to create an additional circuit where two pairs of open wires are already in place. Three circuits are available for the cost of two.
an appearance without material substance
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Being, or of the nature of, a phantom.