Definitions for "Phalanx"
One of the digital bones of the hand or foot, beyond the metacarpus or metatarsus; an internode.
(pl. phalanges) - One of the bones in a finger.
Bones of the fingers or toes.
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A body of heavy-armed infantry formed in ranks and files close and deep. There were several different arrangements, the phalanx varying in depth from four to twenty-five or more ranks of men.
Pawn structure where two or more Pawns of the same color are side-by-side, i.e. on the same rank and on adjacent files.
any closely ranked crowd of people
The Phalanx are a cybernetic fictional species in the Marvel Comics universe. They have come in conflict with the X-Men and related groups on several occasions. They form a hive mind, linking each member by a telepathy-like system.
Phalanx is a fictional prophylactic vaccine in the Max Brooks novel World War Z, effective against rabies but useless against the unrelated Solanum virus. This pathogen, also known as African rabies or jungle rabies, turns people into zombies. Phalanx was developed by a pharmaceutical firm under the leadership of Breckinridge Scott, and sold to millions of people who hoped to become immune to Solanum.
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a bunch of guys with extremely long pikes between them
a wall of lowered pikes originally developed by the greeks
A military organization under the command of the aristocracy. Its purpose is to police Tareon, keeping the aristocracy and those loyal to the aristocracy safe and under control. The vast majority of Phalanx personnel are citizens of the Aben.
a battlefield formation, not a military Unit
Any body of troops or men formed in close array, or any combination of people distinguished for firmness and solidity of a union.
a body of troops in close array
a line or array of soldiers
A Fourierite community; a phalanstery.
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Phalanx is a space shooter video game designed by ZOOM Inc. for the Sharp X68000, and Kemco for the Super Nintendo and Game Boy Advance.
To phalanx means to improve the quality of an existing body of computer programming code by an iterative process of editing the code's documentation, extending the code's test suite and refactoring the code itself on the basis of the documentation and testing. Phalanxing a body of code entails guaranteeing that the documentation constitutes an accurate specification of the code's current, non-deprecated functionality and that a very high proportion of statements in the code is reached ("covered") by the test suite.
a miltary move developed in ancient Greece by Alexander the Great's father
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Phalanx is a chess-playing software running on Unix-based systems. It has text user interface, where the player could enter their moves with the standard notation. Each of the chess pieces is represented by a single letter, for example B for bishop, N for knight, K for king etc.
A group or bundle of stamens, as in polyadelphous flowers.
an unbroken line of pieces of the same color in any direction (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal)
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Special forces