Definitions for "Petal "
One of the leaves of the corolla, or the colored leaves of a flower. See Corolla, and Illust. of Flower.
One part of the flower or corolla.
In orchids, one of the three inner segments of the flower that are positioned between the three sepals; one of the petals is modified into a lip.
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Petiole Petiolule
In chakrology (see also esotericism and Tantra) the number of petals in a chakra identifies a characteristic of an individual chakra. The significance for each chakra to have a specific number of petals is not generally known. The purpose of this article is to describe the reasons why each chakra holds in it the specific number of petals which they are traditionally reported to contain.
One of the expanded ambulacra which form a rosette on the black of certain Echini.
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(see tepal.)
one unit of the inner floral or bloom.
one of a group of floral parts which immediately surrounds the stamens.
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A short sleeve that cris-crosses over the bicep of the arm
Petal helps maintain the owner, group, and mode on trees of files by recalling this information from a configuration file. In turn, this allows system administrators to separate the publication of files from their presentation .
Based on the Open Source Portfolio application, the Personal e-Portfolio for Teaching and Learning is a web based Java Application which allows users to create and share their e-Portfolios with anyone.
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