Definitions for "PET "
An imaging process like MRI or CT, that provides specific information about brain activity and structure that has been used to assist in the diagnosis of AD and track its progression, especially the loss of energy metabolism in those areas of the brain affected by the disease.
Postiron Emmision Tomography. A nuclear medicine imaging prodecure employing radioactive (unstable) isotopes that decay (stabilize) by emitting a positively charged electron from the nucleus. These radioactive isotopes are bound to compounds or drugs that are injected into the body and enable physicians to study the physiology of normal and abnormal tissues. The study is usually called a "PET scan." It can be used in radiation treatment planning to help identify tumor tissue by the behavior of its cells, sometimes in cases where the tumor tissue is not visible on CT scans or MRI.
(photon emission tomography) a type of brain scan that can be used to monitor the brain's activity and detect abnormalities in how it works.
Polyethylene Terephthalate. A type of ethylene plastic widely used for making shampoo bottles and Jumbo Machinders. See the article Plastics! for more info.
Polyethylene terephthalate A plastic commonly used to make bottles for beverages.
A type of plastic - Polyethylene terephthalate – used to make containers like soft drink and water bottles.
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A summoned creature (not only animals).
Gaming term. Refers to an NPC minion under the control of either another NPC or a player.
A NPC controlled by a player such as a Wolf or summoned creatures.
A cade lamb; a lamb brought up by hand.
Any person especially cherished and indulged; a fondling; a darling; often, a favorite child.
Petted; indulged; admired; cherished; as, a pet child; a pet lamb; a pet theory; a pet animal.
Any animal kept as a companion, usually in or around one's home, typically domesticated and cared for attentively and often affectionately. Distinguished from animals raised for food or to perform useful tasks, as a draft animal.
a domesticated animal kept for companionship or amusement
refers to a cat or kitten without breeding privileges or a cat or kitten that has been spay/neutered.
The Commodore PET ( ersonal lectronic ransactor) is an early (circa 1977-1980, around the same time as the Apple][) home computer featuring a ROM-based BASIC developed by Microsoft which it uses as a default " OS". It is based on the 65xx family of processors and is the precursor to the VIC-20.
A slight fit of peevishness or fretfulness.
a fit of petulance or sulkiness (especially at what is felt to be a slight)
Precision end trimmed. Lumber trimmed smooth on both ends and varying no more than 1/16" in nor more than 20% of the pieces. May be a condition of sale.
Precision end trimmed – Lumber trimmed square and smooth on both ends, to a uniform length with a manufacturing tolerance of 1/16 inch over or under length in a maximum of 20% of the pieces.
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ositron mission omography.
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Pre-eclamptic Toxaemia
Programa Especial de Treinamento
Preliminary English Test. An international English test that is a graduation requirement for Diploma programs
Preliminary English Test. English test managed by UCLES. Not advanced enough to meet university entrance requirements.
Psychiatric Epidemiology Training
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1. (v.) The action of softly running one's hands or feet over part of the body. 2. (n.) See the Yiffy Glossary.
(potential evapotranspiration) is the rate of water removal by the combination of plants (transpiration) and surfaces (evaporation) which is not limited by water availability.
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PET is a proxy server that works for HTTP , SSL, and FTP. PET supports extended ICP services and Cache Digests, both of which are compatible with Squid. It also includes an easy-to-use Web-based configuration interface for nearly all configuration parameters and statistics.
Paperless Entry Transfer System (Oregon)
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This is the sky depicted as a ceiling which drops at the ends, the same way the real sky seems to reach for the horizon. This sign was often used in architectural motifs; the top of walls, and door frames. It symbolizes the heavens.
A term specific to CoreBridge. Corebridge Suite of Applications essentially improve the Productivity and Customer Service of any organization.
An expensive, sophisticated radiological procedure that allows visualization of various parts of the body not observable by more traditional X-ray studies.
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See potentially exempt transfer.
Potentially Exempt Transfer. A gift made during ones lifetime that is exempt from Inheritance Tax if the donor lives for seven years after making the gift.
Property and casualty Regulators
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WP Program Editor Top Overflow File
Personnel Expenditure Transfer
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same as neck
Privacy Enhancing Technologies
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a special loved one
preferred above all others and treated with partiality; "the favored child"
PET, working within Maine's Department of Education (DOE), is the team responsible for developing the special education service plan for children age 5 to 20.
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Project period
To be a pet.