Definitions for "Perspectives"
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a once-a-month feature on DX Partyline, heard on HCJB, in Ecuador
Define what data is displayed, how that data is displayed, and how the user can interact with the displayed data. A perspective is a specific configuration of the GUI, consisting of a user-defined set of queries and plugins which together determine the way data is displayed to, and annotated by, the user.
The technique of representing three-dimensional objects and depth relationships on a two-dimensional surface.
There are three different perspectives for looking at objects: conceptual, specification, and implementation. These distinctions are helpful in understanding the relationship between abstract classes and their derivations. The abstract class defines how to solve things conceptually. It also gives the specification for communicating with any object derived from it. Each derivation provides the specific implementation needed.
refers to different ways of regarding or thinking about something - points of view
Points of view based on cultural background.
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a bi-monthly magazine that provides