Definitions for "Personal Jurisdiction"
The authority of a court to subject a particular defendant to its decision.
sufficient contacts with the state of Connecticut to justify the court's assertion of personal jurisdiction over him.” Gaudio v. Gaudio, 23 Conn. App. 287, 297 (1990).  “The analysis of the defendants' challenge to personal jurisdiction involves a two-part inquiry. The first inquiry is whether the applicable state long arm statute authorizes the assertion of jurisdiction over the defendants; and, if the statutory requirements are met, whether the exercise of in personam jurisdiction would violate constitutional principles of due process.” Hart, Nininger & CampbelL Assoc. v. Rogers, 16 Conn. App. 619, 624 (1988).
The power of a court over the person of a defendant in contrast to the jurisdiction of a court over the defendant's property.
A state tribunal has the legal authority to make decisions which directly affect an individual.