Definitions for "Persistence"
Residence time of a chemical species (pesticide and/or metabolites) subjected to degradation or physical removal in a soil, crop, animal or other defined environmental compartment.
the amount of time a pesticide remains in the environment before breaking down to less toxic compounds.
Stability of chemical compounds in the environment. Persistence is an important negative criterion in the ecological assessment of chemicals.
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The length of time a phosphor dot glows on a CRT before disappearing.
(n.) A quality of light, as in a CRT, that influences the way an image is displayed on the screen. If persistence is too long, the image looks smudged; if it is too short, the image flickers.
In video, persistence is the staying power of a lighted phosphor, since a phosphor begins to dim after being excited by the electron beam. A long-persistence phosphor allows the screen to dim more slowly. Long-persistence phosphors are commonly used for CRT projection in 3D applications.
In the S CHEME TATION context, persistence denotes the fact that S CHEME TATION domain instances can be completely shut down and later revived so, that the internal state of the domain immediately after the wake-up is equivalent to the state just before the shutdown, to the applicable extent.
In computer science, persistence refers to the characteristic of data that outlives the execution of the program that created it. Without this capability, data only exists in memory, and will be lost when the memory loses power, such as on computer shutdown.
The quality or state of being persistent; staying or continuing quality; hence, in an unfavorable sense, doggedness; obstinacy.
The continuance of an effect after the cause which first gave rise to it is removed
How long an effect stays in the air before it disappears.
Geomagnetic data display a tendency to persistence in that tomorrow's activity is often similar to today's activity. This is often the case when magnetic conditions are 'quiet'. However coronal hole related geomagnetic activity can also persist at more active levels for a number of days. Persistence can be used as a forecasting benchmark. Back to the top.
1. The previous value in a time series. Thus, if x(t) denotes the present value, the value of persistence would be x(t - 1), whence the latter value is regarded as "persisting." It is used as an objective standard in the verification of weather forecasts. Sometimes it is extended to mean x(t - h) where h is arbitrary. 2. (Also called constancy, steadiness.) With respect to the long-term nature of the wind at a given location, the ratio of the magnitude of the main wind vector to the average speed of the wind without regard to direction. 3. (Also called inertial forecast.) In general, the tendency for the occurrence of a specific event to be more probable, at a given time, if that same event has occurred in the immediately preceding time period.
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Persistence is an attribute of an object. Whereas a transient CORBA object appears and disappears from memory, an object with persistence retains its existence. Persistence allows an object to be written to a file, and therefore to be stored in a database. For performance purposes, a persistent object can also reside in cache.
The principle that the state or properties of an object is automatically preserved.
In object models, a condition that allows instances of classes to be stored externally, for example in a relational database.
The ability of strains of rhizobia to survive in the soil, even in the absence of an appropriate host plant.
How well a variety survives over time under pressures from climate, grazing and insects
In meteorology, a term used of a synoptic feature or meteorological condition that is unusually long-lasting.
Minimum interval required before a setmeter records a change of either TV set status, or viewer presence
A feature of SysMaster 5000 that allows all connections of a client to be directed to one and the same real service for a specified period of time.
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Visual persistence, or persistence of the visual impression; auditory persistence, etc.
The ability to save data and restore it when needed.
Persistence is the ability to perceive each rejection as one less obstacle on the way to an acceptance.
The means by which a component is stored to and retrieved from a nonvolatile location such as a hard disk.
Duration of the sensations the wine produces in the nose and on the palate.
What you often need to learn anything, including becoming proficient on the Internet.
A probability measure used by the mobile station to determine if it should transmit in a given Access Channel Slot.
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The persistence of motion.
When a terminated call's information is maintained and accessible, even after the call has been dropped.
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