Definitions for "Perl "
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Perl is a high-level, general-purpose programming language that makes easy things easy and hard things possible. It is optimized for scanning arbitrary text files and system administration. It has built-in extended regular expression matching and replacement, a dataflow mechanism to improve security with setuid scripts and is extendable via modules that can interface to C libraries.
Practical Extraction and Reporting Language, a script programming language often used for publishing searchable databases over the Web
a program for executing command scripts
PeSIT - a protocol initially for connecting banking processing centres. It integrates sophisticated compression and restart mechanisms, and has is widely used for X25 communications and now also for TCP/IP. - see GSIT Q & A.
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A common term describing when a person buries the nose of their surfboard and goes "over the falls". Often referred to by the actual surfer as
Pathology Education Resources Laboratory
Protein Expression and Recovery Labs
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