PD uses a cleaning solution, called dialysate, that flows through a special tube into your abdomen. After a few hours, the dialysate gets drained from your abdomen, taking the wastes from your blood with it. Then you fill your abdomen with fresh dialysate and the cleaning process begins again. This treatment can be done at home, at your workplace, or at another convenient location (See dialysis and hemodialysis.).
A home dialysis method. Dialysate flows directly into patients abdominal cavity . See also CAPD, CCPD.
Cleaning the blood by using the lining of the abdominal cavity as a filter. A cleansing liquid, called dialysis solution, is drained from a bag into the abdomen. Fluids and wastes flow through the lining of the cavity and remain "trapped" in the dialysis solution. The solution is then drained from the abdomen, removing the extra fluids and wastes from the body. There are two main types of peritoneal dialysis: CAPD and CCPD.