Definitions for "PERIODICAL INDEX"
A periodical index is a guide to the contents of periodicals. Some periodical indexes are general in coverage while others focus on a particular subject like history, poetry, engineering or medicine. Periodical indexes can be arranged in numerous ways: by author, title of the article, or subject. You would use a periodical index to find articles about a certain topic or by a certain author. Periodical indexes may be in a print or an electronic format.
an alphabetical list of citations (usually arranged by subject or author) to articles in different periodicals. There are many periodical indexes covering all subject areas. [Go to Top of Page
an index that contains bibliographic reference s to articles found only in periodical s, compared to many indexes that include books, chapters in books, dissertations, etc. Social Sciences Index is an example of a periodical (only) index. See also *NEWSPAPER INDEX and .
a common resource to find the information you require
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