Definitions for "Performance management"
The system whereby expectations for performance, results, and/or outcomes associated with a particular employee, team, or organization are documented, communicated, and evaluated.
Using a set of tools and approaches to measure, improve, monitor and sustain the key indicators of a business.
A system of management that focuses on achieving the organization's strategic goals and objectives. At the individual level, performance management is a comprehensive approach to assigning work, establishing expectations, supporting employee efforts, providing assessment and feedback, and following through with appropriate recognition or correction, in such a way that the employee's efforts contribute to the success of the organization as a whole.
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a set of strategies to foster agency productivity and effectiveness by maximising and maintaining individual and team performance.
The process of defining a mission and desired outcomes, setting performance standards, linking budget to performance, reporting results, and holding public officials accountable for results.
Ensuring that technical resources in the infrastructure provide the best possible value for money