Definitions for "PERFORATIONS"
The small holes pushed around the sidees of each stamps on a sheet to separate without damaging them.
Holes punched on the sides of 35 mm film with regular spacing so that they line up with sprockets on the camera's film take-up mechanism.
Holes made through steel casing into the formation, to allow fluids to flow from the formation into the casing. The location of the perforations may then be identified by running a CCL log.
Intermittent cuts in paper to facilitate folding, tearing, glue adherence.
A series of small dots or dashes made in paper that allows and controls the tearing of paper. Perfs are indicated on the marksheet by dashed lines.
Small pinholes sometimes made in skin board to facilitate air removal during the packaging process.
Slits cut into the well casing to allow groundwater to enter. May be located at more than one level, to coincide with water-bearing strata in the earth.