Definitions for "Perfin"
(shortened form of "perforated initials" or "perforated insignia") a stamp with privately produced perforations through its face. The perforations are generally in the form of initials or a symbol that identify the owner of the stamp. Perfins are produced by businesses or organizations to discourage theft or misuse of their stamps. Perfins were first made in 1908, and were most popular through the 1950s. see Control Perfin.
stamp perforated by initials to prevent unauthorized use
a perforated design, symbol, insignia, letter, or group of letters in a postage stamp placed there by and individual, organization, or government agency for the purpose of controlling the stamp's postal use
Perforce Intellij Refactoring Integration Plugin - Perfin. This plugin aims to aid developers using move and rename refactorings from within Intellij. It can also handle automatic add of new files and automatic deletes.