Definitions for "Penis"
The erectile external sexual organ of males, used in copulation, and in mammals, also for urination.
The male sex organ outside the body between the legs. It is made of soft spongy tissue and blood vessels. This is what a male uses to urinate. Most of the time it is small and soft, but when a male gets excited it gets larger and stiff or erect. A penis must be erect for a condom to be put on it. The tip of the PENIS is very sensitive and gives the male a lot of pleasure when it is touched. The hole at the top is covered by a mucous membrane. Germs that cause STDs, including HIV, can get into that hole during sex without a latex condom. This could happen during oral or anal sex. Also through vaginal sex if any blood, cervical or vaginal secretions with STD germs, including HIV, in them get inside this hole. Slang terms: Cock, dick, peter, putz, schlong, schwantz, wang, willie.
The male organ through which semen and urine pass.
a dang bad place for piercing
can be pierced more ways than any other body part (see Prince Albert, Frenum, Ampallang, Hafada, Dydoe, Guiche, Reverse Prince Albert, Foreskin, Pubic, Apadravya, Dolphin, Deep Shaft, Apadydoe)
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an evil evil thing, but a tentacle can be your friend
a nice feeling, and so are the hands--but the tongue, oh the tongue
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a surprise up to the moment of it's unveiling, often in the dark
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a very popular tool known to have lead many men in directions they wouldn't have normally taken in life (my father included)