Definitions for "Penetration"
number of cards the dealer deals out before shuffling.
The percent of decks that are used in a game of blackjack. For example, if two decks are cut off and not used in an eight deck game, the penetration would be 6/8 = 75%, meaning 75% of the decks are used. Never play when there is less than 70% penetration. The higher the penetration, the better.
A measure (usually in percentages) of how deeply the dealer goes into the deck or shoe before he shuffles the cards.
In treating terminology, this refers to the depth that the treating chemicals permeate the lumber
The depth that a bullet or shot pellet will travel into the target medium.
the ability to make way into or through something; "the greater penetration of the new projectiles will result in greater injuries"
The percentage of business that an HMO is able to capture in a particular subscriber group or in the market area as a whole. For example, signing up 10 enrollees or members out of 100 eligibles yields a 10 percent penetration.
In cable, the proportion of homes subscribing to cable, measured as a percentage of the total number of TV households in a specific area.
Much the same as incidence, but usually applied to households, whereas incidence usually refers to people: e.g. "the penetration of television is 90% of households" but "the incidence of AIDS is 1% of people." Also called Saturation.
Movement of a chemical through porous materials, seams, pinholes or other imperfections in a glove material on a non-molecular level.
Change of appearance of the face material due to movement of one or more components from the adhesive or the labeled surface. Bleed through, migration.
Applies to any movement of adhesive or ink into the surface of the material. May prove necessary to surface coat the material to avoid this.
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Any object that projects through the surface of the roof.
A projection through the roof, e.g. vent pipe, chimney or rooflight.
Any object that pierces the surface of the roof.
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an attack that penetrates into enemy territory
an attack on the enemy's front by driving a wedge into it or piercing it completely
Movement of defensive linemen across the line of scrimmage and into the offensive backfield. Good penetration into the backfield can disrupt many plays before they have the chance to get started.
the degree to which a technology has been adopted by a community. Teledensity is a measure of the penetration of telephone services.
Drilling penetration rate measured in metres. Often referred to as ROP (Rate of Penetration).
A measurement of access to telecommunications, normally calculated by dividing the number of subscribers to a particular service by the population and multiplying by 100. Also referred to as teledensity (for fixed-line networks) or mobile density (for cellular ones).
Gaining access to computers or networks by bypassing security programs and passwords.
The successful unauthorized access to an automated system.
Intrusion, Trespassing, Unauthorised entry into a system. Merely contacting system or using a key board to enter a password is not penetration, but gaining access to the contents of the data files by these or other means does constitute Penetration. Penetration Testing, is the execution of a testing plan, the sole purpose of which, is to attempt to hack into a system using known tools and techniques.
Relationship of the number of individuals or families on a particular list (by state, ZIP Code, SIC, and so on) compared to the total number possible.
Relationship of the number of individuals or families on a particular list (in total, by State, postal code SIC, etc.) compared to the total reachable population in the same area.
The act or process of penetrating, piercing, or entering; also, the act of mentally penetrating into, or comprehending, anything difficult.
the act of entering into or through something; "the penetration of upper management by women"
The ratio of the amount of pollutants leaving an air pollution control device versus the amount of pollutants entering the device.
A measure, in percent, of the material passing through a filter. Mathematically penetration is 100 - Efficency (percent). If a filter is 98% efficient, its penetration is 2% (100 - 98). Penetration is used to measure the performance of very high efficiency filters.
Term used to indicate the ability of a particular radio frequency to pass through non-metallic materials. Low frequency tagging systems are said to have good penetrative properties as their transponders can be read when behind or encased in other materials. Microwave tagging systems, while having greater read ranges, have poor penetrating properties.
the action of passing through
Acuteness; insight; sharp discoverment; sagacity; as, a person of singular penetration.
NULLWhen a stem of a piece splits into two, crosses over and loops through itself, rejoining the primary stem at separate junctures
Compare with shielding. Electrons in penetrating orbitals can reach the nucleus. The n and quantum numbers determine how well an orbital penetrates. Lower n and lower values mean better penetration. A low n value means the orbital is small. A low value means the orbital has fewer nuclear nodes (planes that pass through the nucleus where the probability of locating the electron is zero). In order of decreasing penetration, the subshells are s p d f. A 1s orbital penetrates better than a 2s orbital.
Equivalent to reach or cumulative audience: that is, the number of different people who use a service, buy a product, or see a program. Saturation and incidence also have much the same meaning.
The act of reaching across and breaking the plane of the net during blocking.
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Any kind of sex that has a significant chance of spreading an STD involves PENETRATION of some kind. Penetration includes VAGINAL sex (a man putting his penis in a woman's vagina), ORAL sex (someone licking, sucking, or putting his/her mouth on another person's genitals), and ANAL sex (someone putting their mouth or penis or or in someone's anus).
The insertion of the penis or another object into the vagina or anus for sexual purposes.
A sexual act involving the penis being inserted into the vagina or anus.
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Penetration were a punk rock band originally formed in 1976. They re-formed in 2001 with several new members.
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Flowing of the cooking liquor into the wood chips through the pores of the wood.
The drug concentration levels found in the aqueous, tear, and/or cornea.
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clear or deep perception of a situation
The degree of effectiveness of advertising in terms of its impact upon the public.
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It is the formation of a crystal penetration through a rock or that of another crystal.
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A non-standard term for joint penetration.