Definitions for "Pendant"
Something which hangs or depends; something suspended; a hanging appendage, especially one of an ornamental character, as to a chandelier or an eardrop; also, an appendix or addition, as to a book.
An ornamental object or piece of jewelry with a hook so that it can be hung from a chain around the neck.
A hanging ornament on roofs, ceilings, etc., much used in the later styles of Gothic architecture, where it is of stone, and an important part of the construction. There are imitations in plaster and wood, which are mere decorative features.
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Also called prism, drop, hangy-down, doo-dad, bauble, pear, pendelogue, etc...
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A pendulum.
A formation attached to the inside of a dome, such as a stalactite in a cave or a remnant of country rock on the roof of a batholith.
A small flower or cluster of flowers at the top and bottom of a medallion.
A small, floral design that extends from the top and bottom of a medallion in the center of a rug.
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Synonymous with pennant.
A hand-held unit linked to the control system with which a robot can be programmed or moved.
Any portable control device, including teach pendants, that permits an operator to control the robot from within the restricted envelope (space) of the robot.
a wearable device that includes an emergency panic alarm, tracking device and automatic fall sensor
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One of a pair; a counterpart; as, one vase is the pendant to the other vase.
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The portion of the watch which holds the winding-stem and crown.
The "neck" of a pocket watch, to which are attached the bow and the crown.
a flexible wire rope shackled to the moving block of a purchase to join it permanently to its work
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draping from supports.
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A vertex of degree one (with only one edge connected) is a pendant edge.
Any ornamental object designed for suspension.