Definitions for "Pembroke"
A breed of dog, the smaller and straight-legged variety of Welsh corgi having pointed ears and a short tail.
A Pembroke table is similar to, but not the same as a Sutherland. It has a wide rectangular top, with narrow, hinged leaves; usually it has four delicate and fine legs, and is seldom more than three feet in width when extended. Usually rectangular, sometimes, and more desirably, they can be oval or round. First recorded in about 1750, and according to Sheraton, so called because the first one was ordered by the Countess of Pembroke. Chippendale is known to have supplied one with a drawer in 1766, and towards 1790, harlequins began to appear. It was particularly popular in the latter half of the C18th, but was made right up to the end of the C19th. [ picture
Small drop-leaf table, rectangular with a drawer, named from England's Earl of Pembroke (c. 1771).
Pembroke was a parliamentary constituency centred on the town of Pembroke in West Wales. It returned one Member of Parliament (MP) to the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, elected by the first past the post system.