Definitions for "PEM"
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An IETF standard for secure electronic mail exchange.
An early standard for securing electronic mail. The PEM-format is often used for representing an HTTPS certificate or certificate request.
Privacy enhanced mail ±£ÃÜÓÊ1/4
Proton Exchange Membrane - a type of fuel cell.
Polymer Electrolyte Membrane. A fuel cell incorporating a solid polymer membrane used as its electrolyte. Protons (H+) are transported from the anode to the cathode. The operating temperature range is generally 60-100°C.
Proton Exchange Membrane. See Polymer Electrolyte Membrane.
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Power entry module. A Cisco 6200 hardware module that distributes DC power to the chassis.
power entry module. The PEM converts the -48 VDC power voltage into the voltages used internally by the Cisco 6400. The Cisco 6400 is designed to operate on one or two PEM units.
Password Expiration Management. APPC PEM with CICS provides for a transaction that signs on userids to CICS and processes requests for password change.
A program which scrambles email in the transfer process and requires a password prior to unscrambling it.
(Preservation Environment Monitor) A unique electronic datalogger created by IPI for monitoring storage environments in cultural institutions. The PEM collects and stores temperature and humidity data along with two specially calculated indices - the preservation index (PI) and the time-weighted preservation index (TWPI) - that are used to measure the natural aging of organic materials.
Programme Engrais Malagasy (Malagasy Fertilizer Program)
plastic encapsulated microchip
Plastic Epoxy Molded
Pearson Educational Measurement
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protein-energy malnutrition
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WP Program Editor Macro
A Soviet scope produced from 1936 to 1942 that lacked the focus adjustment of the PE.
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Program Elements Matrix - a long-range and detailed, flexible planning tool.
Production Efficiency Models
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Project Element Manager